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Below you’ll find our most recent comprehensive reporting from a variety of publications about Liquid Automation and our Projects.

Automation Award Automation Award Automation AwardAutomation AwardAutomation Award


The Liquid Automation Team has won 1 CEDIA Award for our work at Auckland City Council.

The award presented was for:

  • Best Documentation

Automation AwardIt has now been 11 out of 12 years that we have received an award in this category.


The Liquid Automation Team has won 2 CEDIA 2018 awards for our work on the 145 foot Sailing Yacht Hemisphere, a 5 man refit located in Cospicua, Malta.

The awards presented were for:

  • Best Marine, Auto, Aircraft
  • Technology Meets Design

This marks a huge milestone for us, as it has now been 10 years in a row that we have won the Best Marine Category! Click on the link below to read the Article.

MAY 2018

Liquid Automation have been featured in the June 2018 Issue of “Widescreen Custom home and Theater Design” Magazine out of the USA for our work on the award winning Melbourne home theater . A special thank you to Wavetrain Theaters who we worked with on this project.  Click on the link below to read the Article.

February 2018

Liquid Automation have been featured on the CEDIA website - an article written about the project for which we won Best Integrated Home (level 4), Best Media Room (level 3) and Best Documentation in August 2017. Click here to read the article.

Residential Project

Melbourne Residence

Melbourne, Australia



30 iPad’s in the house and one remote iPhone offer control of local area and friendly zones.  All iPad’s have the ability to control areas outside of their local zone. As this is a privileged feature, a code is required. Once the code is entered, the iPad can become any other iPad in the house.

The iPad design allows the user to navigate to any floor in the house. Once a floor is selected, a highly detailed 3D floor plan is displayed with options to view cameras, AV, windows, doors and other security features, HVAC and lighting.

At the client’s request, a completely separate iPad and iPhone program was written and deployed, allowing the client to use either device in the home or remotely from anywhere in the world.

Party mode – When entertaining and party-mode is active, a welcome message and a custom image is displayed on all iPads. Party mode also triggers sound and lighting presets, as well as locking certain areas of the house off and restricting lift access.

For some of the smaller areas and where tactile remotes were more beneficial, we implemented Crestron TSR302 remotes that work in tandem with the local iPad.

Audio Visual

Audio distribution and amplification is predominantly Crestron Sonnex with over 26 stereo audio sources distributed to 39 audio zones. The myriad of speakers around the house consist of:

  • In-ceiling speakers
  • In-wall dual tweeter speakers
  • In-wall invisible speakers
  • In-wall & in ceiling sub-woofers
  • Large format outdoor JBL speakers
  • Small profile outdoor speakers
  • Sonarray outdoor speakers
  • Professional audio speakers for the Dolby ATMOS 10 seated cinema

Video distribution is a Crestron Digital Media 32x 32 Matrix which provides high definition video distribution to all displays. All TV zones have access to all Crestron Digital Media sources. If a source is currently being watched by another user, you are notified via text beside the selectable source button, which is handy to know what is currently in use as well as watching sources together in different rooms.

Home Cinema

This Wavetrain Home Cinema creates a space to escape and become immersed, with the perfect combination of spectacular sound, video and comfort.

The Cinema not only has a variety of local sources, but it is also fed off the main Crestron Digital Media frame allowing you to see all the house sources as well.

With such a high SPL, considerations were made to make sure that nothing in the room rattled; racks, cabling, components, glass panels and wall fixings.
On multiple occasions during the build, “shake down” tests were carried out by sweeping various tones through the room using one of the large sub-woofers.

Pre-wiring for D-Box should the client wish to implement this at a later stage.


The network in this home is very comprehensive, that feeds almost every device in the system.

  • 30+ Ruckus wireless access points
  • HP switch equipment with a fibre backbone

Security & Access Control

There are many examples of how the Security and Access Control system works in this house. One example is certain key controlled access paths onto the property and their statuses are displayed on the home page of all iPads in a logical property shaped layout. A status for controllable doors is displayed via a small padlock graphic on the iPad, so simply pressing the padlock changes the state. Locked or unlocked, this gives the client important perimeter information at a quick glance.

Another example are the SIP Intercoms on the exterior of the property, which allows the user to communicate with visitors and grant access. A simple button press on the intercom rings all iPads, which changes the page on the iPad to the HD intercom camera page which has push to talk and gate control. When granted access, the entry gate unlocks and users then have the ability to flip to the front door intercom page and communicate further and grant/deny access.

Finally, the last example of the multitude of Security and Access Control features this home has, is upon a disarm of the alarm system, sensors track the path of entry and call the lift to the corresponding floor (either the car garage or ground level). As the lift doors would normally automatically open then close, custom programming and door monitoring allows us to trigger the lift doors at the same time as the lift lobby door is opened.


There are over 30 HD IP cameras in the surveillance system. Selecting CCTV on the iPad brings up locations of all CCTV cameras, and by selecting a camera, it is previewed in a small window on the iPad. Double tapping the image makes it full screen, discretely switching to a higher res stream from the camera. The cameras are also dual purpose motion sensors with feedback into the Crestron Lighting system.

Lighting Control / Window Treatments

Whole home lighting, blinds & sheers – users are presented on the iPad with a Crestron keypad graphic identical to the keypad mounted on the wall of the room. Therefore, users can simply press a button on the virtual keypad mimicking a press of the real keypad.

All iPad’s also offer what we term “Global features” which allows any user to make certain changes to the house. Sheers & Blinds – Global East and West blind control allows users to open or close the entire East and/or West facing Sheers & Blinds of the house.

Security and Lighting are linked to illuminate granted access paths or alert emergency services upon activation.

Other features of the Lighting Control System include:

  • All house lighting ON trigger is staggered per floor to alleviate the rush in current.
  • Push to exit button back-lighting turns off when the areas they are in are armed.
  • 70+ internal / external Lighting PIR triggers.
  • 200+ Dimmed circuits of Lighting Control.
  • 180+ Switched circuits of Lighting Control.
  • 180+ combinations of automated single and dual internal Sheers / Blinds / External Venetians / External Louvretec / Fly screens.

Pool Control

Temperature monitoring, temp set points, swimming pool jets and blower control over three separate internal / external pools.