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Below you’ll find our most recent comprehensive reporting from a variety of publications about Liquid Automation and our Projects.

Automation Award Automation Award Automation AwardAutomation AwardAutomation Award


The Liquid Automation Team has won 1 CEDIA Award for our work at Auckland City Council.

The award presented was for:

  • Best Documentation

Automation AwardIt has now been 11 out of 12 years that we have received an award in this category.


The Liquid Automation Team has won 2 CEDIA 2018 awards for our work on the 145 foot Sailing Yacht Hemisphere, a 5 man refit located in Cospicua, Malta.

The awards presented were for:

  • Best Marine, Auto, Aircraft
  • Technology Meets Design

This marks a huge milestone for us, as it has now been 10 years in a row that we have won the Best Marine Category! Click on the link below to read the Article.

MAY 2018

Liquid Automation have been featured in the June 2018 Issue of “Widescreen Custom home and Theater Design” Magazine out of the USA for our work on the award winning Melbourne home theater . A special thank you to Wavetrain Theaters who we worked with on this project.  Click on the link below to read the Article.

February 2018

Liquid Automation have been featured on the CEDIA website - an article written about the project for which we won Best Integrated Home (level 4), Best Media Room (level 3) and Best Documentation in August 2017. Click here to read the article.


Commercial EntertainmentDigital Signage & Video Walls

Digital Signage and Video Walls have become a major facet in the Commercial market, with regard to advertising and promoting businesses products and services, or to entice customers in high foot traffic areas. It is a platform used to instantly connect your customers, guests and/or clients, to provide them with information that is immediately engaging & informing. Details about upcoming events or in-store promotions can be instantly seen, making it a captivating and cost-effective marketing tool. Video walls can also be used to create ambiance in a large space, or used for visual effect and impact.

From sCommercial Entertainmentmall to large scale, Liquid Automation knows what it takes to get amazing quality images and videos onto your signage displays and/or video walls. They are easily installed, maintained and managed by us, providing you the support needed should an issue arise. Signage displays and video walls are user-friendly, meaning your staff are able to switch to the required content via a Touchpanel or iPad.

AudioCommercial Entertainment

Liquid Automation have been involved in a multitude of Commercial projects where the scope of audio is varied.  It can range from background audio in an office reception, to audio being the major component and/or on a larger scale, as in the project we were involved in at the Auckland Town Hall. Our Acoustic Consultant can help you design a system that best fits your space(s), ensuring you get an audio solution that is superior and provides consistency of performance for years to come.

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