Helena Bay has won the following prestigious awards:

2016 CEDIA America “Best Special Project”

Awarded in Dallas, Texas, USA – Special project is an installation by a full CEDIA residential electronic systems contractor member that satisfies…

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2016 CEDIA America “Best Design and Documentation”

Awarded in Dallas, Texas, USA. For this category you need to submit a proposal/design in its entirety…

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2016 CEDIA Asia Pacific “Best Special Project”

Awarded in Sydney, Australia. Special project is an installation by a full CEDIA residential electronic systems contractor…

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2016 CEDIA Asia Pacific “Best Design and Documentation”

Awarded in Sydney Australia. For this category you need to submit a proposal/design in its entirety…

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Recent News & Editorials

Below you’ll find our most recent comprehensive reporting from a variety of publications about Liquid Automation and our Projects.

Automation Award Automation Award Automation AwardAutomation AwardAutomation Award


The Liquid Automation Team has won 1 CEDIA Award for our work at Auckland City Council.

The award presented was for:

  • Best Documentation

Automation AwardIt has now been 11 out of 12 years that we have received an award in this category.


The Liquid Automation Team has won 2 CEDIA 2018 awards for our work on the 145 foot Sailing Yacht Hemisphere, a 5 man refit located in Cospicua, Malta.

The awards presented were for:

  • Best Marine, Auto, Aircraft
  • Technology Meets Design

This marks a huge milestone for us, as it has now been 10 years in a row that we have won the Best Marine Category! Click on the link below to read the Article.

MAY 2018

Liquid Automation have been featured in the June 2018 Issue of “Widescreen Custom home and Theater Design” Magazine out of the USA for our work on the award winning Melbourne home theater . A special thank you to Wavetrain Theaters who we worked with on this project.  Click on the link below to read the Article.

February 2018

Liquid Automation have been featured on the CEDIA website - an article written about the project for which we won Best Integrated Home (level 4), Best Media Room (level 3) and Best Documentation in August 2017. Click here to read the article.

Commercial Project

Helena Bay Luxury Lodge

Helena Bay, Northland, New Zealand

Liquid Automation was asked to provide a reliable, intuitive and easy to use system for the owners, staff and guests of the new Helena Bay Luxury Lodge. The system includes System Control, Audio & Video Distribution, Lighting Control, Data Network, Integration with the Building Management System and Remote Monitoring & Support.



Crestron control with discrete touch panels throughout – the user interfaces are simple and intuitive, allowing overnight guests the ability to use them without tuition. Moreover, it is also comprehensive and powerful to enable the owners and staff to control the whole property, while still being easy to navigate for new staff members.

The in-room televisions and audio are controlled utilising Crestron touch panel remotes and RF gateways.

The Crestron system integrated with the Building Management System to provide control and real-time status of pumps and fountains, including water features in the landscaping and pool.

Audio Distribution

There are 46 zones of audio throughout the property, as well as 126 channels of audio inputs. For this system we utilised a BSS Soundweb solution and Crown DCI amplifiers with native BLU Link inputs. The speakers that we used are predominantly B&W in-ceiling speakers, Bose outdoor speakers and Sonance soundbars under some TVs.

Video Distribution

IPTV system called Triple Play – this provided movies on demand, free to air television and distributed central sources.

Lighting Control

A Lutron Homeworks QS system was used to provide control to over 360 circuits of controlled lighting. Lighting control included 0-10V dimming, phase dimming, switched outputs as well as DMX control for the sauna, steam room and swimming pool. The lighting control system also controlled exhaust fans, mirror demisters, heated towel rails and auxiliary devices such as water pumps.

Lighting is also controlled via discreetly located wall mounted Crestron touch panels and staff iPads. This allows for more individual control of circuits and scene control. Astronomical time clocks were utilized to turn on exterior lighting and pool lights with non-essential lighting turning off during the evening and essential lighting turning off at sunrise. We also programmed “party mode” timeclocks which would ensure that lights wouldn’t automatically turn off during a function, but would still ensure that anything left on all night would turn off at sunrise.

A “Goodnight” mode was made for the staff to set the property to a sleep state once the last of the guests had retired for the night. This would turn off all non-essential exterior lights, turn all interior and exterior way-finding lights to their designated level, and reset the background audio to its preset level.


As wireless and IP requirements are growing rapidly, we wanted to ensure these demands could be meet with an even coverage and large capacity for both the building demands and users alike. Due to the building construction being predominately concrete and Hebel, not ideal for wireless, this objective was met by designing and installing a comprehensive Ruckus wireless network.

Remote Monitoring & Support

Due to the remoteness of their site, the clients expected a system that could be monitored and managed remotely. Our monitoring software can alert us to issues prior to site being aware of the potential problem. Via a remote connection we can then log in to perform trouble shooting, make client requested changes and utilising IP power boards, carry out power resets to equipment.

Helena Bay Luxury Lodge